Trajectory (the path the office is currently on under Wright’s Leadership)

What has John Wright done with the stewardship of the Assessor’s Office
entrusted to him?

  • He has set the office on a course, a path, a trajectory of continuous
    improvement. A concrete example of this is the recently completed self-
    review, a comprehensive submission to be considered for The Certificate of
    Excellence in Assessment Administration. This 240-page document, with
    over 600 exhibits, was a complete, comprehensive review of the office and
    its practices with the objective of emulating the recognized best practices
    in the assessment profession.
  • The Tulsa County Assessor’s Office has been improving and adapting the
    application of state-of-the-art technology to increase accuracy, cost
    effectiveness, and overall improvement of the records of the office.
  • We continue to invest in the professional development of our appraisal
    staff with two additional members recently achieving a designation with
    the International Association of Assessing Officials, and several additional
    personnel close to this achievement.
  • John Wright approaches the management of the office with a servant
    leadership style and continues to instill a culture of service and an attitude
    of treating both fellow employees and the taxpayers with courtesy and
  • The office fulfills its mission of accurate assessment with equality and
    fairness, through knowledgeable application of the requirements of the
    Oklahoma State Statutes, Administrative Rules, and Constitutional

This is all evidence of a course that should be continued with the steady
leadership and direction of the office under John A. Wright.