As Chief Deputy for the Tulsa County Assessor, it is an honor to work with such a dedicated team of professionals that currently make up the Assessor’s staff. Many of them have devoted most of their entire professional careers serving the public in faithfully executing the mandated statutory responsibilities placed upon the office.

Whether it is in assisting the taxpayers in their constitutionally guaranteed right of appeal of the assessment placed on their property, explaining and qualifying those eligible for allowable exemptions, insuring accurate records so important to the required mass appraisal process, or in application of the office’s state of the art technology, the men and women who currently serve the citizens of Tulsa County have achieved recognized excellence in the performance of their duties. For the last six years, the office has scored at or near the top of all of Oklahoma’s 77 counties on the Tax Commission’s annual rigorous audit of procedures, training, data, accuracy and equity of values throughout the county.

The assessors throughout the state of Oklahoma are required to attend an annual school, held the last several years in the Tulsa area, to fulfill their requirement to stay current with legislative changes, continued professional development and updates from the Tax Commission. Many of the current staff of the office, as well as myself, have participated in panels, presentations and program content sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise with assessor personnel from across the state.

The Title Research staff have consistently and faithfully examined the over 31,000 deeds filed annually the last several years for accurate property descriptions for the office records, the parties involved, and other criteria required to ensure each parcel is accurately reflected in our records, in the required maps on file as well as the required valuation examination on property transfers.

The Executive Staff, on which I have served for the past seven years, has provided the leadership to accomplish many improvements to the Assessor’s Office.

Among those are:

  • A complete review of all properties exempt from taxation to ensure accurate treatment and classification of each parcel.
  • A revamp and improvement of the personnel cross training program required of all new hires, to fully educate the staff serving you on understanding the work and functions of the entire office.
  • An upgrade to the computer software used to retain property attributes, history and valuation history on each parcel. This information is used to ensure accurate valuation of residential and commercial properties throughout the county.
  • Professional development of the office staff by offering in-office Business Law classes provided by Tulsa Community College Training for Industry program.
  • The development and implementation of a two-year leadership training program preparing several senior staff members for greater responsibilities in the office.
  • Continued training of most of the appraisal staff through participation in professional development classes through the International Association of Assessing Officials.
  • Maintaining required certification for all office staff upon completion of seven classes required of all personnel placing value on property in Oklahoma.

In addition, for the past seven years, the office has recruited, interviewed and hired, almost exclusively, college graduates as we seek a high level of professional service and excellence in performance to the taxpayers of Tulsa county.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue this service of excellence.

John A. Wright