I. 269,000 – Approximately the number of parcels in all of Tulsa County.
II. Over 31,000 – The number of deeds filed with the county clerk and then examined for ownership and property legal description each of the last several years by the assessor’s title research department.
III. 1,000 – 2,000 – The number of informal valuation appeals held in the Assessor’s Office each of the last few years; since the Assessor’s Office is charged with property market valuation, not taxation amounts, the citizen is given the right each year to appeal the market valuation placed on their property.
IV. 100 – 200 – The number of formal appeals made the last few years to the County Equalization Board, a follow up level of appeal granted the citizen that still disagrees with their market valuation following the informal appeal. Both the appeals can be done over the phone and at no cost to the taxpayer. The County Equalization Board is a separate, independent entity from the Assessor’s Office assuring the taxpayer of an additional independent forum for review of their property value.
V. Nearly 800 – As of the date of this posting, the accumulated years of service of the staff at the Tulsa County Assessor’s office. This represents a well-trained, experienced and professional staff to serve you.
VI. 83 – The number of personnel in the office, which has been very consistent during the last seven years, despite the growth in the workload. This has been made possible through the use and application of state of the art technology.
VII. 11+ – The number of years John A. Wright has served as a part of the Executive Staff of the Tulsa County Assessor, discussing, formulating and implementing office policies, goals and direction.
VII. 1,200+ – The number of citizens Mr. Wright has spoken to in homeowner’s associations and business and civic groups about the duties, responsibilities, work and function of the Assessor’s Office.
IX. 918-596-5100 – The telephone number to call during normal business hours to have any other questions you may have answered.